A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind,as well as the body.

Benjamin Franklin

It’s YOUR life. When will you choose to truly live it?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Ive changed my name ...Im also feeling quite good

Ive changed my title to so you can see my real name. No sense hiding behind you wonderful people. Ive also changed it to reflect that yes Im a dreamer. Its my favorite thing to do. LOL Its also because I won't be on the road as soon as I like but I WILL get there. Just takes time and Im in no rush.
On another point I've been taking better care of myself. Last year when I started my new job I fell not once but twice...ouch. On the same day. On the 1st day. A muscle in my leg has been giving me a problem. Nothing was helping until I started taking the colloidal silver. I was taking it for something else...a rash and also to clean out my system a bit but I didn't expect it to heal my leg. Its gone. Amazing.  I been having a healthy green smoothie every day and Im working on eating less meat more fish. Slow but I've seen a difference. I also noticed Im sleeping better. Im no lecturer but if your feeling sluggish ,tired all the time and like to blame it your job,parents or the government(fill in blank)like I was, take a good look at your lifestyle, eating habits. You may surprise yourself if you just change one thing. One thing is all I did and it roll balled into other things. Like a good sweeping of a dirty floor and you get a clean one. Now I need to just mop up.

Until next time have a good night. :)


  1. Hello, Michelle! Never thought you were hiding, anyway. Glad you are feeling good...

  2. Oh thanks. I didn't mean I was hiding in the sharing part just that I have so many handles...Tippy,She,Tinytippytoes among other names that I decided I just wanted to use my real name. In a sense by using handles instead of our real names we are in fact hiding a bit. I guess on the internet thats a good thing ...just got tired of it. Nice to see you here. Have a good day :)

  3. Glad you still have the dream alive. As long as the fire burns, there are possibilities. You will eventually get there. May you realize your dream soon!


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