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Benjamin Franklin

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Mama didn't raise a sissy!

This is has been a heck of a month for me. And its not over yet. Money and health wise. I would like nothing better than to crawl under a nice fluffy comforter and emerge until spring. BUT Mama didn't raise a sissy. Money wise I lost about about 500 bucks which could have been toward the questionable van of the future. I had to replace something I lost at work,medical items for me and my pets and the now dead laptop stick. Im on free WiFi now but at home I get lousy service so Im at the railroad doing this.
Health wise Im exhausted. Im run down. I am now changing my life style...... slowly Changing my diet and doing some alternative medical things. Diet wise we get semi vegetarian.  Im doing things right now like taking colloidal silver and soon to take high potency minerals. But we are doing it slow.  I need to do this...Im really killing myself LOL. I laugh because I am really OK. I can walk I can see with hearing aids I can hear. I can work. I can sleep. I can play. Im not bad off.....I'm very lucky. And Mama didn't raise a sissy. Thanks Mom!! :)


  1. As far as essential minerals I still swear by the potassium supplements I was taking (and still do on days when I just feel generally exhausted) when I was stressed out of my gourd and couldn't eat. Hang in there and feel better soon!

  2. Finally!!! Got my laptop stick dongle today. So lost with out the internet LOL

    Steve Im always so surprised by your comments..they are cute. Thanks Im clearly on the mend.

    Cherry Potassium is a mineral right? So Im ordering through a friend high potency ones. Potassium should be included if not well I can try them other ways. Thanks


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