A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind,as well as the body.

Benjamin Franklin

It’s YOUR life. When will you choose to truly live it?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm writing again?

Today cannot be any better. We had mid 60s and a slight breeze. Beautiful is all I can say.
Hanging near my mechanics yard. Whenever I have to do anything major (well major to me!) I come here for the night. He will let me plug in when I need for 10 a night but otherwise he says I can stay for free. How nice is that?

All those bags I collected needs a home. Just little items that are so annoying but use a lot. I keep putting them in plastic bags because I don't where to put them. Tonight they will be stored in there own little cubby holes or cabinets. I am still trying what fits best.

I bought one of those canvas shoe
bags that hang from your closet. Its the one on the far right. Skinny one. I am trying to use as a kitchen spot. Spices /sponges/silverware etc. I don't like how it hangs but I figure I can clip the bottom and I will like it better. So far so good!

I can't say how long it will be for me to write everyday. I really would like to look back a few years from now and say oh thats where I started ...look how far I've come. Living like this I noticed such confidence about myself and I have to say its because I am a survivalist now. At least thats what it feels like!
Needs to get to those bags!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wallys on Saturday night

Had a date tonight with Wally. Noisy and busy as usual. Kids crying, kids playing and running under foot. Good thing my hearing aids were off.....tee hee. Well getting under foot couldn't be helped. Bought seat ,bar ends and lock for the bike and some crochet yarn for a charity auction. $54.00,OUCHIE! Yeah that hurt but I needed these things if I wanted to keep riding that bike.
And talking about bike I did indeed adjust it and ride around the parking lot!
Last night I looked and looked for the lunar......did you see it? It may have been the night before don't remember now but I did look at right time.
Tomorrow is my first Sunday off :) BIG GRIN!! Plan to sleep late indulge in a Sunday paper and drink coffee! Set the bike up and hopefully take my first real spin on it. Call a friend to say hello. Doing little things in the van. Bags have been piling up also I want to sort what to throw out an then where to put it.
Its raining now. Going to my sleep spot.......... have a good night.

Saving a few bucks

I have lost one day a week at work I couldn't be happier. Of course this means I lose money too for that one day. All things will come into place. I will do as I always do. Some plans on mind to save. No eating out like I use to. If I need anything like right now I need a new bicycle seat,I will check out my local thrift store haunts. Its on a Sunday that I will be off now, haven't had a Sunday off in so long! There's so much to do and I will have fun doing it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It has been a while

My lovely day off. The wind is blowing here as I watch the trains pass by. Its quiet for me as it always is. My hearing aids are on off. I pretend I hear the wind and the train going by. I could turn my aids on but then that would ruin the quietness. My home sweet home which has changed so many times I gave up counting.
My Lovely throne. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

One month

I just came from food shopping. Spent 13 bucks for a whole day of food. I eat like that now. I buy a whole cooked chicken(not every week) a bag of salad on sale,a lemon,tomato ,a green pepper ,a yam and a onion. I still have an avocado left. Thats breakfast ,lunch , dinner and a snack. I will bring the chicken to work to put in the cooler. Tomorrow morning I pick it up and its going into my electric cooler. Charging my house battery up tonight and then will put it in my cooler. Thats something new. Going to see how long my cooler lasts on a full charge. I am sure I won't eat all of it by tomorrow so I have for next day. I get very bored eating the same foods ....so spices are my best friend!! I love spices. I especially love the mixed ones ...2 for the palate...yummy!
Has it really been that long? One whole month. It feels like like a whole different dimension. Still haven't really clicked to the whole idea yet. My van has changed at least 4 times already inside but its getting close. Got rid of the desk...it was just too cumbersome. Instead I went looking for a folding table. Like the wooden ones we know and love . I bought instead one that was just a bit larger and plastic. Its sturdy and has multiple leg lengths. And I can still hang it up when I need to. Also I made a deal with a friend/customer when its very humid at night I can connect to her land line with my AC for 10 bucks a night. So far I haven't need to use it. I really am dieing to test that AC out...so of course we have cool weather every night so far! Wait....thats a good thing!
There is more good things.....and thats for next time.
You all have a wonderful week and a wonderful July 4th weekend.... :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer is here......

Summer has arrived here on Long Island and with it its first heat wave. High 80s low 90s and humidity. Last night was my first experience and whew what a night! I wore light sweats and a T shirt rolled up. My fan became my teddy bear for the night. Also had 2 other small fans going. Opened the window a bit even though they tell you not too but I didn't care ...it was hot. I did OK!! Woke up a little late I think because I woke at 10:30 pm to open the windows so I was up for a while.
Going to hang in the Library/coffee shop/mall today. Yes its my day off and plan on having a good one. :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Just a little undate.....

Been so long since I have been here. So many things have changed. Some for good and some well I don't know yet. Been having weepy days as the changes tend to overwhelm me.
My van still is my home and has been for about 2 weeks now and the adjustment is half /half. Some days go well some days I cry from frustration.
My food has been terrible as I have not adjusted to it yet. Having pizza for dinner tonight yet lunch was a healthy salad. Trying to eat more"in" but having a little frig is a little more difficult than I thought. I am working some things out at work so I bring my food over there. I shop every few days and use ALL that I have before I buy more.
Good side is that I joined a gym and work out 4 days a week and use that shower. I tend to go to a lot of parks and walk and sit with the ducks at the water. I see more nature than before and that is lovely.
I get distracted at work a lot and that is because I work on commission. So that basically means I can get by on less and so its a challenge just staying motivated.
I am hoping to show some pictures soon of the van. I am changing curtains so it will have to wait.
Hope everyone is enjoying there summer days :)