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Benjamin Franklin

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

I am bored of this life

It is the rat race thing that does it. It starts early in the morning and I mean real early in the morning. Try 3AM. I need to get me to the train by 4:30 which is no real big deal since I live 10 mins from the train. When I am waiting for the big old bad noise machine to come in, its just us commuters going in the city. Well not me I go 2 stops. We ramble on the platform getting into our desired spots and try to be civil to the one next to us. No pushing. No shoving. Usually.  What I think it so funny if your standing on the ground and looking up we look like a bunch of pigeons.

We are so like our animal life and if you look to see it you'll know what I mean.
I had a talk with a customer of ours. Granted she is 85 but she has a great sense of humor. She was kidding with her Aide ...."Hurry up with have places to go things to see" and then she rolled her eyes at me. Same ole same ole. She would be great doing the RV thing...she is pretty fast on her her walker rolling thingie. She is bored. Big time.
And so am I. I need some wheels because there is so much to see right where I live in NY but so hard to get to. I lived here all my life but barely touched the surface of what it offers. One thing to really look forward to getting my rolling home. Soon. VERY soon. Because I would love to see the seals in "The End"

Which is Montauk NY. They have so many museums I can't count. Bike trails that lead you into another world...to get lost in. We have chipmunks here but you only see them in the trails for some reason. I love chipmunks. they are so cute. LOL

                         Here on Long Island we are blessed with great riding

Without any way to get from point A to point B except by bus or train Im limited. Whats nice about it is this...when I go I can stay for a few days. I'll have a place to sleep and it will be my home. A real mini vacation..every week. Can't wait

Have a nice weekend everyone!!!


  1. I know the feeling. Been in one place since forever and I hear the road calling! There are seals on the east coast? Had no idea! I would like to see a chipmunk myself, I have never seen one.

  2. Yeah Jennifer we have whales too. Humpback, sei, right whales and dolphins too. What a lovely collection. AAHH one day.
    Have a nice weekend. :)

  3. Keep your eyes on the prize, Michelle! It will be so worth it when your dreams come to fruition and you can actually do the things you dream of and see the places you wish!

    I'm right there with you!

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  5. Thanks Cyndi I'll sleep with my eyes open tonight ....dreaming of course for that day.


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