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Benjamin Franklin

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I get depressed at this time of the year. Holiday.bah hum bug. I lied today and took a day off. I don't like doing that but it happens. I dont take off when Im sick with a cold or if Im in pain(unless its severe)but yes I do take a day off sometimes when I get this funk. To me this is my illness,my sickness....had it for years. Today i will do something to make me feel a little better. I will take care of my self. Writing here helps. I will keep busy...crochet. Take a walk. Play with my pets. Call friends. It doesn't last long, a few days sometimes a week. Sort of like a migraine. I remember when I 1st starting getting depress but didn't realize it had a name. I was about 15 to young to know what it was but old enough to know something was wrong. I got help and learned to manage it without meds. So I don't get get suicidal thoughts but its a low grade depression? Has nothing and everything to do about living in a van. Maybe living in it is the wrong word,just hanging out in there is better. Who knows maybe by moving in the van and staying where I want to will have a good impact on this depression.


  1. This is a sucky time of the year for a lot of us. Low levels of sunlight, the reason for Christmas is lost on most of the world. I just live in my head and paint pictures or write. When I do that I have my little happy place out west in my trailer in my imagination. Now is a good time for you to start making your Alpaca articles. Get them ready to start marketing and I will do the same with my art. As for the depression, I would go with it for a few days or weeks and don't beat yourself up over it. Make a hat, really colorful to just enjoy looking at it and touching it.

  2. I work with a lot of people. Customers. From what I hear really the holidays aren't as cracked up to be. Shopping. Cooking and putting up with relatives. There is more depression than there is the joy. Im like a bartender people REALLY tell me what its like.
    As for the alpaca there isn't going to be, Friend is lazy about ordering the yarn,but Im still crocheting. Making something now. Im going to post it in a couple of days.

  3. I was feeling the same way, and have dealt with depression too (its not as terrible as it used to be). Just feeling blah about the holidays! Doing things for yourself definitely brings you out of a funk. I forgot that myself. I'm going to do some crochet projects and artwork too.

  4. I get the same funk as well even though it's not during this holiday season. It can strike anytime with me --usually when I am done with a major project and I feel like I cannot ever do something that wonderful ever again.
    Hope you feel better... If it's any consolation... it's tougher elsewhere in the world... All you gotta do is go on youtube and then you'll feel better about your situation. :)

  5. LOL I did that all day yesterday. It really did help. I watched all the funny ones. Thanks

  6. Hope you feel better now, Tippy. The holidays can be a real downer at times, but that's when we should be just say screw it, this is just like any other month to me. I don't care what society dictates we should do or feel during this time.
    IN MY WORLD, today is... summer... that's right. (well in Australia, it is). None of the annoying advertising will affect me this month! :)


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