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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A review of the Coleman perfect flow single stove

Yes even though i'm not in a van yet I'm exploring with different items. I love to do reviews. LOL This stove I got through Amazon 3 days earlier than the tracking date. Very good Amazon! Came bubble wrapped and double boxed so no damage was done. It was so easy to set up. Just screw canister with the screw on device. Easy peasy. Use matches to light I tried a lighter but because you need to tilt the lighter ....burned fingers. I need a new pan because mine was too light and caused it to slide right off the bowl. I managed to keep it on by sliding a butter knife tip underneath it and sliding the pan a slight bit off the bowl. Cooked 2 eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast and boiled water for coffee. Yummy. I like the that its upright and not hanging in the air as other stoves, I would get another soon for more convenience.


  1. I have had one of these for over 20 years. The design is still about the same. I would replace it with another if I had to. To bad the gas has become so expensive though.

  2. 20 years? Impressive! Thanks you just added to my review.


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