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Benjamin Franklin

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No hearing aids all day today

I received another day off from work today. Usually I have one day a week to rest my ears. So  this is the day. This is the day I air my ears so that the aids will not cause all that wax build up. Yeah I know disgusting but it happens when you wear them 12 hours a day. I know people who wear them longer ,cause well they have family to hear. I'm on my own so no need to do it.  I lipread well. Some people I can't at all but most times I get by. When to the deli this morning and had no problem.Went to CVS to try to pay my phone bill and ran into a slight problem. Well 1st they don't do it there and 2nd there was a African american lady who has a very deep accent so of course I can't lip read her at all. Not a bit. But like I said I made out OK cause I told her I was deaf. Of course she continued to try to talk to me. LOL Why? That's always interesting why people even though you tell them your deaf they try to talk louder. I can conclude its just the way of people,that it is a human thing to act out of kindness to speak louder so you can understand what they are saying. In other words they are not doing it to be mean or otherwise.
I missed a phone call but was able to call back later. A friend who we are going together to florida. We are driving..or should I say I am driving. Any way she wanted to know if the GPS she is buying was big enough. When Im on the cell phone I don't need my aids. I use the speaker phone and I can hear normal,well as normal as a deaf person can.


  1. You know, I was laughing at your comment, because people today are too absorbed by themselves to understand and even try!!! She probably would have yelled at you!... I hope you see the morality and humor in this. I call it the "chrome Hummer syndrome".
    You be well... Ara & Spirit

  2. I did Ara. I actually laughed when I walked outside. She really tried but then realized I really couldn't hear her(maybe I was making up it up or maybe she can make me hear!)so she wrote down what she was saying.
    Its funny I had a dog who became deaf and I thought she was being stubborn until I realize she was in the same boat as me. Here I was DEAF and didnt see it? So I really believe its in a human nature to TRY anyway.


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