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Benjamin Franklin

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Just a little undate.....

Been so long since I have been here. So many things have changed. Some for good and some well I don't know yet. Been having weepy days as the changes tend to overwhelm me.
My van still is my home and has been for about 2 weeks now and the adjustment is half /half. Some days go well some days I cry from frustration.
My food has been terrible as I have not adjusted to it yet. Having pizza for dinner tonight yet lunch was a healthy salad. Trying to eat more"in" but having a little frig is a little more difficult than I thought. I am working some things out at work so I bring my food over there. I shop every few days and use ALL that I have before I buy more.
Good side is that I joined a gym and work out 4 days a week and use that shower. I tend to go to a lot of parks and walk and sit with the ducks at the water. I see more nature than before and that is lovely.
I get distracted at work a lot and that is because I work on commission. So that basically means I can get by on less and so its a challenge just staying motivated.
I am hoping to show some pictures soon of the van. I am changing curtains so it will have to wait.
Hope everyone is enjoying there summer days :)


  1. Are you in contact with other van dwellers to find out how they made the adjustments? I know it can't be easy because it was an adjustment to live in our 350 square foot fifth wheel which is much larger than the space you have. You need to give yourself time. I figure the proper eating will come after you get used to your routine. So don't worry about that for now. But ask those who are already living like you are for help and support.

  2. Everyday I go to Vandwellers Facebook. Wonderful wonderful group of people who have been helping me adjust. Yeah about the food it needs to happen soon LOL!!!

  3. Good to hear from you, Michelle! I think, all things considered, you're doing fabulously! Give yourself some credit, woman!

  4. I'm sure this is a huge adjustment! I hope you can fall into a comfort zone soon.


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