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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wallys on Saturday night

Had a date tonight with Wally. Noisy and busy as usual. Kids crying, kids playing and running under foot. Good thing my hearing aids were off.....tee hee. Well getting under foot couldn't be helped. Bought seat ,bar ends and lock for the bike and some crochet yarn for a charity auction. $54.00,OUCHIE! Yeah that hurt but I needed these things if I wanted to keep riding that bike.
And talking about bike I did indeed adjust it and ride around the parking lot!
Last night I looked and looked for the lunar......did you see it? It may have been the night before don't remember now but I did look at right time.
Tomorrow is my first Sunday off :) BIG GRIN!! Plan to sleep late indulge in a Sunday paper and drink coffee! Set the bike up and hopefully take my first real spin on it. Call a friend to say hello. Doing little things in the van. Bags have been piling up also I want to sort what to throw out an then where to put it.
Its raining now. Going to my sleep spot.......... have a good night.

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  1. We didn't see the lunar eclipse either. Wally's can get noisy but they usually quiet down which helps. Enjoy your Sunday. And I'm sure you will.


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