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Benjamin Franklin

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Monday, July 1, 2013

One month

I just came from food shopping. Spent 13 bucks for a whole day of food. I eat like that now. I buy a whole cooked chicken(not every week) a bag of salad on sale,a lemon,tomato ,a green pepper ,a yam and a onion. I still have an avocado left. Thats breakfast ,lunch , dinner and a snack. I will bring the chicken to work to put in the cooler. Tomorrow morning I pick it up and its going into my electric cooler. Charging my house battery up tonight and then will put it in my cooler. Thats something new. Going to see how long my cooler lasts on a full charge. I am sure I won't eat all of it by tomorrow so I have for next day. I get very bored eating the same foods ....so spices are my best friend!! I love spices. I especially love the mixed ones ...2 for the palate...yummy!
Has it really been that long? One whole month. It feels like like a whole different dimension. Still haven't really clicked to the whole idea yet. My van has changed at least 4 times already inside but its getting close. Got rid of the desk...it was just too cumbersome. Instead I went looking for a folding table. Like the wooden ones we know and love . I bought instead one that was just a bit larger and plastic. Its sturdy and has multiple leg lengths. And I can still hang it up when I need to. Also I made a deal with a friend/customer when its very humid at night I can connect to her land line with my AC for 10 bucks a night. So far I haven't need to use it. I really am dieing to test that AC out...so of course we have cool weather every night so far! Wait....thats a good thing!
There is more good things.....and thats for next time.
You all have a wonderful week and a wonderful July 4th weekend.... :)


  1. So glad to see this is working for you. Do you feel safe where you park?

  2. Yes I do. But I hear some fellas at work are wondering why I park all over the place. Have to go to secret places now. Thats fine with me. Don't want them to think I am sleeping around. LOL

  3. Hi Michelle! You have a really great site! I'm glad to have stumbled upon it! I was wondering if you feature guest postings. Thanks and have a great day!


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