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Benjamin Franklin

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer is here......

Summer has arrived here on Long Island and with it its first heat wave. High 80s low 90s and humidity. Last night was my first experience and whew what a night! I wore light sweats and a T shirt rolled up. My fan became my teddy bear for the night. Also had 2 other small fans going. Opened the window a bit even though they tell you not too but I didn't care ...it was hot. I did OK!! Woke up a little late I think because I woke at 10:30 pm to open the windows so I was up for a while.
Going to hang in the Library/coffee shop/mall today. Yes its my day off and plan on having a good one. :)


  1. Crying is a great cleanser. Our first day on the road after sitting for six months, I completely fell apart when Jim had to pull into a station for fuel. I was a mess. But after the break down was over I was so much calmer and felt so much better. I think we're in for a really long hot summer everywhere, but I also know that we do adjust to it a little bit as time goes on. Fans are our friends.

  2. Heat & humidity. Ugh! It's hard to sleep in that kind of weather for sure.


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