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Benjamin Franklin

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A fruitful 2 days off

These 2 days off are being used productively. We got a rug in, a bed frame with a air bed to test it out and even my small cooler frig in. I   have a regular cooler but decided to use this instead. I can put a block of ice in and while the van is in motion I can plug in to the battery of the van. It will be covered to keep it colder. Did a lot of little things. Although a little messy. Bedspread and been folded for a while and the rug I can't figure out how to connect to the floor flat. I can't use nails. A curtain went up...actually a black blanket that I bought last year from Wal-Mart. Money is very tight for me right now so I am using what ever I have laying around. It went up between the front and back. It wasn't up when I took the pictures though. I am ordering bubble reflective for the windows from Swankies Amazon store and at one point will be getting better curtains to cover the blinds. The blinds will stay up as it so common here it will help with the stealth,which I really need!      
 I packed all my spices into two small containers. One I use a lot and one I use sometimes. Thought it would make it easier when I have to cook something. I will be ordering all my batteries I need. During the warmer weather I need to get some sort of solar and car battery to run a very small dehumidifier.

I cannot believe how empty my apt. is. I can put all the things in 3 kitchen cabinets into less then half of one. My closet just has my clothes that I wear for work ,and that isn't much. The bathroom is empty except for toilet paper soap and toothbrush /paste.

I am nervous and excited for this next part of my life and just getting ready. let it begin!


  1. Congrats ... I love how things are coming together for you. Doesn't it feel great when a plan starts falling into place like that?


  2. After much frustration making that bed frame I can now say its fun putting everything together and it is falling in to place. Last week I would have laughed at that comment!

  3. It is really beginning to look like home. How is it to sleep on the air mattress? I have my spices divided up also. Works much better than way.

    1. I am not actually going to sleep on it. A regular bed is being used. Its comfy but loses air over time. Not good for the summer as it doesn't breath. Ah glad I did the spices that way then!

  4. You are getting there!! Congrats! Things do seem to be falling into place. I'm sure this is harder to do due to weather where you are.


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