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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A headache

Sometime on Tuesday I must have banged my head somewhere in the van. Or maybe not. I have no idea where I banged it but last  night was torture as I couldn't move my head up. It was to painful. Now in order to save a few bucks I drove 4 to 5 blocks to the grocery store to buy pain relievers as I was stone empty of them. I actually haven't used them in about 6 months time.  I could have taken a cab...but nah I am to cheap!! I managed to get there and back in one piece. I took 4 Advils!  Hey it was VERY painful.

I should have taken a picture of what I saw this morning. But that wasn't happening after last night. These cute little birds swarmed to my window to say good morning. In reality they were eating the dry cat food that I put out last night. They do this quite a lot. Free entertainment for the feral Mr Kitty.

So since I slept like a log last night decided to do a little something to the van.

Pictures are a little dark I know,its snowing and cloudy here in New York.

 There is a old TV and VCR behind this beautiful paneling. I am left with all these wires. I could put the paneling back on and use it as I planned ...a small little kitchen area. Just to hold all kitchen items. Even the stove. A portable 2 burner. Might work .....watch for future remodeling.


  1. Hope the head is so much better. It's amazing how much it hurts when you hit your head. Not at all like on TV.

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    2. I wish it was like on TV then it wouldn't hurt so much!

  2. I did the same thing in my van the old TV and VCR are outdated and heavy...Im thinking of removing that dropped headliner and move it up for more headroom!!

  3. that is a nice nook for stuff! :) Good to see the dream moving forward! :)


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