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Sunday, March 17, 2013

A funny thing happened on the way home....

I shared this on my FB page. I thought I share this here too just because it was so funny,at least the end part was!!
OK have to share this story. Because this is one where you are terrified and giddy with laughter at almost the same time. Worked a long day today. Tired and I think I have the beginnings of a cold. So to begin my head wasn't to clear. I wanted to go shopping...at my fav thrift shop and look for reflective at Home Depot. Its raining and cold here in New York and the noises around me didn't help. As some of you know I am very hard of hearing. With out my hearing aids I hear nil...nothing at all except for an ambulance if its right next to me. So most times in the morning I do not wear my aids driving. I dont need them at that time with such light traffic. I have them on but they are shut off...I like the quiet. So now its evening time and lots of traffic and party dwellers are out for St Pattys day and of course I leave my aids on. I turn the van over and I hear this terrible noise, it was awful!! I thought it sounded like a belt...then maybe something in the pit of the engine. Maybe something got caught underneath. All these things going on in my head. I said the hell with the shopping I am going straight to my mechanic!! LOL Here I am waiting for the light to change and I look to see if I left anything on. LOL Really big laugh now when I realized I left the radio on. HAHAH.....the static. I was hearing the darn static and it sounds like a engine dying. Boy it was great to shut it off and realize whew OK nothing really happened here.

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  1. Too funny. But a whole lot less expensive than going to the mechanic.


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