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Benjamin Franklin

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Coming out under the covers

My depression as of late has been shaking off. Its my frame of mind that I have.  I want always to be positive. I can feel a little down but I need to keep the upper lip stiff or I can fall hard. I have been riding my bike more and just doing more. The more I do the better I feel.e
But tonight really hit the cake...I took a walk. I haven't taken a walk since my Miss Charlotte puppy passed on and went to the rainbow bridge. It just wasn't worth the effort. I am learning something new this time...at the age of 54 I realize I need to do things slowly. I get so overwhelmed when I rush. A headache starts, I get bitchy , tiredness takes over. I have for the record have ALWAYS been like that. Why I am learning that now I don't know. Maybe just maybe I am getting ready for this new lifestyle living in the van. Just keep it coming I don't mind.
I think this relates also to changing my food habits. I am slowing down how I use to eat. I now have a few grains each week. It works better for me. I say that because this week I have been eating healthier and actually didn't want the grains....thats good!
I am going to start taking pictures again. I see beautiful things outside  I use to love photography...still do.

Things are looking up..NEVER GIVE UP!!
And you too have a wonderful night!


  1. I have learned many things about myself lately too and some I thought about and I was like what the heck, how did I not figure this out before? It's funny but it shows we are willing to learn things about ourselves.

    My father stopped doing that decades ago so I'm a few steps ahead I think. :)~

    It's good your depression is lifting, take some pictures, fall is so beautiful!


  2. Thank you. It means alot when people share. Fall is the best!!! I am polishing up the camera. Batteries are being charged up!!

  3. I understand that depression is sometimes difficult to deal with. I just overcame one this past week. It was really bad. Not to the point where I cannot function, but I was mouthing off really badly online to people on that popular social networking site. Anyway, I am ok now, but hang in there. A lot of folks actually replied to me and offered me their support as well. Least I can do is do the same for you. I am now back to my old happy self, but it does take work to pull out of the dive. It can get very addictive and I recognize that part of me loves the attention it gets me. It's kinda sad, but I have to learn to not use that as much. It's a crutch I really want to get rid of. So happy thoughts! Happy thoughts and good luck with your van living. --Rod

    1. Rod sweetie long time no see!! Depression is a long word to spell ain't it. We all I believe we all get it in some form. We are the lucky one cause we see it coming! Yes I did the work ...feeling a bit better. Thanks :)

  4. Hey Michelle. I wanted to thank you for your comment about voting on my blog today. I posted it and then I thought even though you didn't say so, you might not want me to. I can remove it if you like. Just let me know at rvdreamlife@gmail.com.

    1. No thats just fine keep it on,Thanks!


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