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Benjamin Franklin

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Friday, October 19, 2012

AAh depression has come...again

Today I hear it will be quite wet. Pouring lots of the wet stuff. Its suppose to come down in buckets and the noise I hear ....will match it. Perfect for the way Michelle is feeling right now. There is nothing better to me when it rains and I feel ...well whats to say under the weather. I have been feeling this way for a few weeks. I can tell you(and I am sure everyone around me does too!). The little signs. Hating work more than usual. Taking a few days off here and there(like today). Today I will be taking steps to help myself and relieve some of it by being busy. To figure out where its coming from. 
One of the things I notice when you start to get a little depress is your very sensitive to what's going on. You may overreact to something to well...you really don't need to. I looked over the past few weeks and notice I was becoming upset over things I read about on the net. I am a BIG animal lover. Shelters and rescues are high on my list. There is one which at the moment I am not reading.  It leaves me breathless and so sad when I realize there just cruel people in this world. I mean as a adult I know this. I just don't need to get it thrown in my face all the time. So goodbye for now. They do good in the world but everyday you don't have to really tell people about it. And I can't handle it right now.
I am positive ! Even though depression has made its ugly head I know its just a phrase. Tomorrow will come and it may be lifted. 
Not the most up lifting post I know but thats a day in a life for Michelle and millions others.
Cheer up!!!!


  1. Light therapy. I highly recommend it. That, or a trip to an island in the Caribbean.
    Buying a light is probably cheaper though.

  2. Yes Bob I think the light would be much cheaper. The trip to the Caribbeans though would be much more pleasant!

  3. Being in Arizona instead of the northeast helps me a lot, but I still take St. Johnswort to head off depression. And vitamin D, although that's not as crucial anymore.

  4. Ohh years ago I took St.Johnswort. I may try that again. I am so glad you found your answer!!

  5. Good idea, St John's wort, I forgot about it too. I am dreading the Ohio winter.


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