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Benjamin Franklin

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A little quiet here

This week some things of NO interest have happened. We lost a co worker or really he got switch to another part of the business. Another one got fired so we were pretty busy. Kept me from being the bitchy girl everyone knows and love around here. I'm joking of course not everyone loves me. LOL. No I am not depress just like to remind myself I am not in charge here!!
So my van life or should I say NOT van life? I joined another van forum which just started up. Maureen from www.livinginmyvan.com has started a new van forum. Its new and fresh and would love new members!! Join here.
I am still saving and looking. Its not easy because what I want is a bit more money than what I have. But I will get there. I WILL find my home on wheels. 
So on another matter how is Sandy the terrible treating you? We just got started with her. Windy but no rain yet ... that's for tomorrow. We can wait Sandy. Maybe lose some steam? Hope so!! Be safe everyone. Please be safe. 


  1. Some weeks are like that (most of mine anymore). Hope Sandy slows down a little bit for you.

  2. HAHA look how quiet it is I didnt noticed you posted. Thanks. Sandys effects are still here. But we are coping


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