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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Butterflies in my stomach and dogs

The closer I get to that point where I will be getting that van and a new way of life the more I step back. Definitely nerves and those darn butterflies emerge. Every day I see some vans I can almost afford actually I could afford if I haggle down a bit. What seller doesn't let let you haggle on a used vehicle?  By next month I will have more than I need for a used van. I am taking my time because I want the right one. Not something that will take more than a Bayer aspirin to relieve! 

But they are there never the less those butterflies. Its a new way of life. Do I feel excitement  No actually just nerves. I am hoping that the closer I get to the date the more excited I will be. Hopefully!!

I have been day dreaming quite a bit about having a dog. A friend knowing this said why not stop moving into a van and get a dog instead. Fact of the matter is I can't. Its more important for me to save money. If  I live in the van and see how I can stay cool in the summer then I will have no problem with getting a dog friend. If it means some days doggie needs to stay at day care fine. But not until then. Here is how hard it is for me not to have a pet. I feel naked without one. A dog has ALWAYS been in my life. They are so connected with the earth and judge no one and has been nothing but blessings for me. No matter the work ,time and money they take to care for. Knowing my past is why I feel like that. But that really is another story...or is it?


  1. Michelle, butterflies are normal. I had them, and l even had a job to go to that needed me in my van. I no longer have that job, but am still loving it in the van.

    My cats stayed in the van when l worked this summer, but on really hot days, l stayed at a friends house so they didn't cook in the van (110 degree days). A dog might be a bit harder, first of all they like to get up at the windows and bark at people. My cats just chilled, so no one saw them.
    I do need to get a vent in the roof though.

    You will work it all out. Don't worry!

  2. Well I did know the butterflies were normal. I just hope it doesn't get to the point where I change my mind. That's what I am afraid of.
    Yeah the barking would be a big give a way ...ya think LOL.
    I had a couple of dogs that didn't bark ...maybe a third one?

  3. Michelle,

    You have patience beyond me thats for sure! You're doing the right thing by waiting. I hope you find the van of your dreams. :)



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