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Benjamin Franklin

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Learning to live without

Ever since I read Bob's Wells blog  I have been thinking about how where we live effects us. Well I can't speak for you but this is what I make of it. Zoos ...once upon a time zoos were terrible place for a wild animal to find its way to. They were small,they were isolated they were frustrated and angry I am sure. Now that's what I see my self right now. The same position. Now look at the zoos today. They are large, they can roam and play. There natural ways of living are mimicked so they can live more happily in their day to day lives. I want that. I want to be happy were I live just like Bob just like the other van dwellers I read about in their blogs just like those animals I see in the zoo.  Not the small road side attractions..not circuses because I hate circuses really but that's another story. I am still not the biggest fan toward zoos...they would be much happier free I am just stating how they were once were and how they are now. Like the baby elephant I saw running from its mother while mama was right behind him/her and yes they are little terrors those babies!!! Cute but mama has to keep up with them.

Did you ever notice that people buy SO MUCH stuff? Nothing new there but I was having a talk with my friend Pete and I said do you realize that they buy all the stuff because they have no clue to what they really want? People are trying to stuff things in their lives because they are missing something. I have nothing. No pictures(except some family photos) no little things of glass sitting on a bookcase heck I don't even own a bookcase! You seem to get more what you really need when you don't have a million things to distract you. And thats my point. I have what I need not what I want. Too many people think having things they want will make them happy so they buy and buy or becomes hoarders!

So in van dwelling and RV living not only are you living the life you want but you are also learning to live without. I didn't think I would be stopping to learn all this but it just happens.

 I have been looking for THE van,making calls and today almost went to see one and decided I would have to put to much into it. So back to the ball game!

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  1. Amen and Ditto.
    I am much happier now that I have less things in life to worry about. And even then, I still have to think about boxing a shelf worth of books and sending them to my folks far away.

    Hope your van quest is going well. I too keep looking around for deals. One never knows.

    1. And a lot less cleaning too. Its one thing I am looking foward to. LOL

  2. It seems once you make the decision to live small all the stuff available for sale is just that....stuff. Stuff that you don't want and boggles the mind in how much exists.

  3. Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.

    ― George Carlin

    The man was a genius!

    1. So true...smart man. Thanks for quoting that.


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