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Monday, July 9, 2012

Garage Sales

This summer I have been making head way with some items for the van. I haven't gotten her yet but it already its a she. In fact I may call her that "She" which in Australia it means Sheila. I am heavy into recycling and garage sales are a boon. I have gotten so far a big igloo for nightly and weekend food items. I got it for a whole 2 bucks!! Reason? No handle. Like I'm rolling it anywhere LOL. It has the sprout for water draining and cup holders which is perfect for me. 60 quarts.

This will sit between the 2 front seats. I also last year (at another garage sale) for 1 buck got a doubled walled styrofoam cooler which fits perfect inside for double(triple?)insulation. I bought a converter still in package for 2 bucks. Some thingie to hook furniture to the walls of the van. FREE 4 shelf collapsible shelf system. A wooden folding table(not cheap Walmart brand.... not that I don't like Walmart ...love it!)for 4 bucks. New double outlet new in box for 3 bucks. And summer is not over!!!!


  1. I love finding treasures for cheap!!!

    Always one step closer to your dream! Keep going Michelle!


  2. Thanks Tammy. I have 46 days before I start to look for my van. I can't wait!!!

  3. Hello Michelle! Good to read you're making good progress in your furnishing adventures. I like picking up junk as well and giving them new life. good luck with the van search and when you find her, be sure to get a pedal lock for added security.

  4. Recycling is win win for almost everyone. You know the saying one mans garbage is another's gold. Or something like that. I have to ask what is a pedal lock?


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