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Monday, July 30, 2012

Do you want some free stuff? Plus diet is so important

Been a while seen I've been here. No nothing really big and exciting to spread around. Just go to work and then come home kind of thing. My days off have been really just cleaning and trying to pack things away.
I'm selling some stuff too so kind of chained here at the moment. I decided I didn't want the engine on my bike I bought for about 200 bucks. Some guy wants it for 50 bucks. Rightttt!!! Thats not happening. Selling brand new comfort handlebars for a bicycle for 5 bucks. What..... don't want to be comfy riding?
My apt. is a mess from doing the said above now even though I threw so much stuff away it still feel full. Tried to donate to free-cycle but nobody bit the bug yet. I have to give away some stuff because nobody really wants to buy them. If at the end nobody takes them I will be putting a sign out side free stuff and let them take it away.

The end of the month is coming and I've saved like I said I would, dear god please don't give me an emergency now!! It seems every time I try to save thats what happens.

After I have the van I will be getting ready in 1 month. Nothing fancy. One thing I will be doing before I leave is insulating. Once thats done ...I'm out.

On another note I have not lost any weight yet. It seems my digestive issue is still going around in circles. I can't eat wheat. I can't have too much dairy. And wham I now need to take digestive enzymes everyday now. Where does one get such bad inside like that? Its interesting at the same time...just trying to figure it out. Its so like a puzzle.

I have one more little old man rat that may be coming with me. I will have to downsize his cage but he is not as active so it will work. It will be cooler by then so it will be fine. Another item to sell..huge rodent cage with playpen and carrier. I will be selling it at a very low price. Its a good deal for somebodies pet. I am betting that will go fast.

Been riding my bike a lot these days. We have a beautiful town park that I am planning to ride through tomorrow. Its not a long trail but around 3 miles. Will take some pictures then and post.
So getting a bit tired and will stop for now. Thanks for dropping by. :)


  1. Sorry to hear your insides aren't cooperating. That's not fun but liveable. Isn't it amazing how much "stuff" we accumulate. Feels so good when it's finally gone. Keep it up. You're getting there.

  2. Yes the digestive issues are getting better. Seems my enzymes were not enough and have to take 3 with each meal. Could be worst ...always. Stuff is going .....going and almost gone now. Worked my butt off yesterday.


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