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Monday, July 30, 2012

Finally got rid of something....

Hangers!  A ton of them. Ok many not that many but I feel good getting rid of them. Free hangers, who doesn't need hangers. Not me. The happy winner well is happy. He gets to hang all his new (?)clothes up. Me Im happy with out. Oh I have clothes ... wouldnt't be nice to walk around with none! The bugs would get me. This is great ,now on to the next item.........


  1. Saw on TV last night, a place in Florida for RVers where clothing is definitely optional. Just thought I'd let you know in case you wanted to get rid of the clothes too.

  2. I'll have to look that up ;) Not really my cup of tea because of the bugs though. Nice thought!

  3. We take our hangers to the local laundromat. The woman who manages it does laundry on the side to make a little more money. She is always thrilled to get hangers.

  4. Good idea Page. I still have to do a lot of organizing here and bound to find another handful or more hangars. I like the people where I do laundry. They will get the next bunch.

  5. Wow! Not long till you get your van!! I'll have to check back to see and read about it. So where are you going to head off to first?

  6. Well Sunny Im going to be job camping for a while. BUTTTTT....Im planning on working less days and taking off for greener pastures on those days. Believe me when I say Ive been in N.Y. all my life and would to travel there first!! It will be fun!


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