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Friday, June 8, 2012

Trying to have a LITTLE fun

A few weeks has pasted by and I'm not to sure where it went. Work does take so much out of my day I really do not have time for much else. Thats what happens when you work 12 hours days. WHEW. I did manage to get out a few times. A good friend  and I went out to the Tanger Outlets located in Deer Park N.Y. Lots of walking! Got some good deals. Reebok sneakers were on sale half price off. We went out to lunch to the Millers Ale House. Where I had a scrumptious burger with sauteed onions and baked potato fries which I shared with my friend. its a pretty mall and it doesn't really look like your typical one. Water fountains and benches to seat on outside with trails to all the stores. Most mall on Long Island are all inside. While nice too I like this one better for nice weather.
I also have been riding my bike a lot. And why not with this beautiful weather we are having here in N.Y. Its suppose to get hot again as the weekend comes and then goes but for now we are having 70 degree temperatures.

I am spending time this weekend(my weekend is Monday and Tuesday)to start selling some items that I really don't need for the van. Anyone need a folding rodent playpen? Some things will be donated to the Salvation Army and some things.... well be donated to the garbage.

I put a widget on here and that will be hopefully thats the date I GET the van. Fingers crossed!! See I was saving my money wrong and now that I have that straightened out its coming along better. My old way of saving was that "Oh what I have left during the week" thing. Now I look at what I need for the week and put a certain amount away and I DON"T TOUCH IT!

I have been walking a lot and I do have a bike thief to thank for that. I was leaving  my bike at the railroad when I went to work and one day I guess they needed my bike. I walked home even though I was dead tired. I loved that bike...oh well. So I do have another bike and I don't want to lose it. So it stays home while at work and gets out for night and weekend use. I walk to and fro to the RR now. This is my pretty girl........

I don't want to lose her so she stays home ,and stays nice and dry.

I ALMOST got some nice pics and soon want to display some that I WILL get. LOL I saw a young family of 4 black squirrels. Now some how these squirrels came from somewhere else because Long Island only has brown ones. They have been here for at 10 years now but before that there were only brown ones that I know about. I don't know where these black ones came from and if you know please do tell. Any way these where all black with feathered tails and not the mixed one of brown and black. So cute but they moved to fast for me and the pic was not taken. Darn!!

 Two different little squirrels. Yes I do love rodents. I once bottle fed a wee squirrel when its mama died.

So thats it for now hoping you all are having pleasant weather and enjoying the out doors like I am. Till next time............


  1. With all the walking you are doing you are going to be in great shape for van living and all the hiking. 53 days isn't very far in the future for your van home. Hoping it all comes together for you.

  2. Thanks SO much! I know my one of dreams will be here soon. BTW I love your cover picture with your 2 little dogs ...so cute.

  3. thanks for letting me know about the video on my blog. i'm not sure what happened, but it's up now : ) thanks!

    ps those squirrels are adorable -- i like the black one.

    here's the link to my wheat belly video if you're still interested in viewing it http://cailenascher.blogspot.com/2012/06/wheat-belly-diet-end-of-month-wrap-up.html

  4. Yes I see it now. Thanks. We have been following you on Wheat Belly!


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