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Benjamin Franklin

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Life is good Life is simple

The weather here has been so nice. 70's all week but today is dark and gloomy and I was ready to take the bike out. Well if it ain't raining I'm going.

So I wrote that before I headed outdoors and it looked like it was going to pour. So instead of taking my bike and having the bad fortune of getting drenched I took the bus. Of course it didn't rain but it sure looked like it. I had shopping to do for the week. Ive been shopping different now because I am gluten free. I bought almonds,tomatoes,treats for my pets(thats always the same)heavy cream and organic chicken and eggs. I don't eat as much but Im always full. Sometimes too full so we we are going to scale back a bit. Not by much though. It seems that my body hasn't learn yet when its full?

My gas engine bike has been coming along. I got the engine, on the chain and then all ceased to go forward as Im a bit tired this weekend. I have the wheat fog from the wheat I accidentally ingested a few days ago to blame on. Seems I'm very sensitive to it and it takes a long time to release itself from your system. My joints also hurt when I have ingested it. On the good side is that my skin is smoother and when I don't have wheat at all I have tons of energy. 

At work they decide to change our days. This happens once in a while when new people come in. I only asked that I have 2 days back to back. I really hate having one day off then another day 2 days later. Too tiring!! 
Really nothing else going on here. 

So until next time (maybe something exciting going on) Have a grand week!

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