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Benjamin Franklin

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Ode to the landlady

Well I have a GREAT landlady and lord. How many times I've been stuck money wise and she I swear doesn't get angry. We all have issues is her answer. She know I want to pay. Really? Sometimes I don't but I do. Don't tell her that. HEHE. But really she has taking me late at night to radio shack when I was having computer problems. She checked on my pets quite a few times for me when I was worried about the heat. She will stop for me and load me into her SUV when I'm walking. She invites me into her place to talk. And she listens. Shes my FB buddy. And she makes me laugh. Im going to miss her when I leave. She wants one months notice,Im giving her 2 months. She will find someone fast at the price of this place.
The best thing about her is she is my friend and Im proud to say that. Thank you Donna!


  1. I haven't had a landlord for many years but I do know that I never had one that good when I did have them. That's wonderful. The time is counting down.

  2. Donna is the ONLY landlady I have liked. I been renting for years. Got lucky I guess.
    Count down is getting smaller and closer :)


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