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Benjamin Franklin

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A little bit of my life

Today is a nice warm 60 something and would be better with the sun out and breeze gone. It also would have been nice if the car I use for work went into gear like its suppose to. I tried rolling the wheel left and right ,made sure the parking brake wasn't engaged *sigh* nothing. So I work in the car service business right now and people do need to get where they want. They could walk,be a lot cheaper but that ain't happening today.  I had 5 houses to pick up and there was no other driver in town. Well guess what folks time will have to be waiting! I can't carry you on my shoulders(I ain't that strong) LOL. Another co worker almost took the bloody steering wheel off but hey he fixed it! I now can drive for the next 10 hours. Should I thank him or not?

I bought a bicycle engine last week. I have NO way of getting around and nice weather coming I don't want to be holed up or start taking expensive taxis! It will get 150 miles on a 1tank of gas. HMMM I'll believe it went I try it. I almost have it set up. I only cursed a few times(believe what you want) and some parts need to be adjusted but by the end of this week...watch out here I come!

Van living has been put on hold for a while. Im hoping to be out on the road by the end of summer. Fingers crossed. Not that Im not doing anything to prepare. Lots of blog reading helps! Let see I bought a cool2 fan(and will buy another)a stove, a heater, furniture Im hoping to put in(very little)and other odds and ends....like a comforter and a 20 degree below sleeping bag. My pets (rodent darlings) will be coming with me if they are still here. They are old now so I don't know how much longer the little guys will be around. I hope VERY long but thats dreaming away there.
Anyway thats it in a nutshell. Have a great week and keep the chin up.....Fridays only 3 days away. ;)

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  1. Good luck with the bike and the car! Hopefully you're able to get the money you need to live your dream. ;)



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