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Monday, April 23, 2012

Just a short note that being wheat free is working for me

Except for a couple of weekends where I indulged in carbs this has been a fantastic month. I have for the first time in my life have energy. At one time I couldn't get out of bed on the weekends and just lay in bed wondering what the hell was going on. I know now wheat was killing me slowly and I'm not kidding either. My appetite has decreased to about 1/3 less and I can wait for my next meal without feeling like I'm starving. I eat good too. Baking my own bread. Gluten and grain free. It is the way I have to eat for now on. And Im enjoying it and feel tons better. Win win for me. Are you wheat intolerant? Come join us at Wheat Belly at FB or not.

I rode my bike today which I fixed. Yes it was broken for 3 months now. For some reason I couldn't get myself to fix the wheel. So what it is raining here. Its just water. OK drizzling. Not to bad. But I smiled the whole way!


  1. Glad to read the new diet is helping. There are a lot of alternatives now which have gotta make it easier for you. I remember buying this gluten free chocolate cake mix for my roommate. She just about burst into tears when she tasted it. Said it wasn't any different than the real thing and was missing chocolate cake something fierce til then.

  2. glad to hear that wheat belly is working so well for you! reading that book was definitely an eye-opener for me. i'm about a week and a half into my gluten-free experiment, and so far i've noticed my energy is better, i'm not as hungry, and my skin is breaking out less. very cool!

    have a great weekend.

  3. Yes it is working. Im having issues on my days off but thats more that Im lazy. LOL This weekend has been pretty good. Yes it is an eye opener for sure, no heart burn or IBS or ANY tummy aches since I started. The energy i get is amazing.

  4. Thanks Steve. I don't eat the alternatives as they also have added things. Occasionally I might but its just as bad sometimes as the wheat itself.
    Hey Rod Thanks always good to hear from you!


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