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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My aching back!

They said no rain today. With highs in the 60s and plenty of sun. Tomorrow they said 20% rain and oh darn I forgot the temp. They seem to be confused because tomorrows weather is today's weather. Just rambling.
Spring is in the air and having my weekend off I started on it(cleaning that is). Got some cobwebs off the ceiling(why didn't I see them before?) Did the bathroom inside out. Shook all the rugs out.  Garbage day is Tuesday's here. My weekend is Sunday and Monday. So I threw the garbage over the fence. And that was my big mistake. You see my Landlady locks all her gates except for one. So thinking it would be easier I threw the garbage can over. Ha bet you know what happened. I guess the title tells all. Crap I got a kink in my back. Just hand me a cane will you because thats how I'm walking. Hunched over LOL When will I learn I'm not 21 anymore. Maybe when when I'm 61? I couldn't get to work on Tuesday. Double crap. Cause it takes away money from the van.

I did manage to do a few things! 

I was able to get some things done. I put all the things Im putting in the van together Thats my Coleman heater, Coleman stove. My O2COOL 10" Battery or Electric Portable Fan. Among other things. This will be my bed  . Its going to be cut in half for a seat and a couch. Milk cartons will slide underneath.

   The boys cage

I also cleaned my boys cage out ...while sitting and cursing. Not at them but my stupidity of throwing that garbage can over. Nice smelling cage and 2 happy furry boys later makes it a wrap before I conked out for a nap. This is their cage, A martins  Rudd. Its over 5ft tall 24 inches wide 18 inches in depth. Has 3 full floors and 4 balcony's. I say balcony's because they are not skinny little shelves but a full balcony that you stretch out on(OK not us but them!). Spoiled little buggers.


  1. I'm curious. How well do rats travel, and how well in prolonged travel? And forgive me Michelle, but are you still in a sticks and bricks house or in your van already? I've been looking to add a member to my family for some time now. What I want is a German Shepherd, but have to wait until I'm out of here to get it. I've entertained getting a ferret, sugar glider, guinea pig, and a squirrel because they're small enough to have in my apt without shelling out another 3 bill pet deposit. A friend suggested a rat, but I haven't had once since I was 14. Not sure how to make it work in a trailer still.

  2. Hey Steve no I'm not in a van yet. I figure by the end of the summer. I'm going to set a date. Which will be better for the boys if they are still here. My "babies" are old men now. To answer your question about rats and heat. Mine seem to tolerate it quite well. Once it hits 85 degrees they really need your help. See the only way they cool off is through their tails. Thats why they have have no fur there. My secret is a bowl of ice water and cool packs wrapped in a tin container. But once it hits 100 degrees with high humidity the AC must come on. People say they are rats they have been around for thousands of years you don't need to go THAT far. True but those were wild rats. Imagine being in a cage with no way to cool yourself off? Not a pretty sight.


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