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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Which Van am I getting?

These 2 vans down below here are the common ones I see in the area. I love both of them really for different reasons. Both as you can see are extended.  The blue one has a bigger and taller high top. It also alas has few windows for the humidity in this area. Which can be right down nasty,but it will be good for stealth. I saw 2 vans like this in the town where I work. Thats good because it means I really won't have that hard of a time finding one.  
The 2nd van has plenty of windows. Very good so far. Its not as tall but thats OK. A little hunching never hurt anyone. The stealth is not as good but black out curtains always work.  This van is so common in our area I won't be sticking out all.

I know when the time comes I will pick what my heart says is right. But I think at this moment I'm looking at number 2 cause I love windows!!!

At the end of next month I will have saved 2000 bucks. Pretty close. Fingers crossed.


  1. When the right van comes - you'll know it. It might need more work than you are planning on but you'll know the van just like I did with mine. As far as stealth - I use my camper van as my daily driver as well. People ask me about it a lot (I think because I'm a slight girl driving a big ugly van) and everyone is always surprised that I have a kitchen and bathroom. Most folks see it as just another conversion van and really don't think twice about it until they have a conversation with me so don't count out all class B RVs. You'd do well in a Falcon or one like mine. They're built on a plain old van chassis and there's nothing special about the engine you just get some extra head space and everything already built in. They run about the same price as a van and most will have lower miles. They're for sale every where. Although mine is older and it came with some work needed nothing has cost a lot so far and since it's not fuel injected everything is easy to work on so I can do it myself with a manual. :)

    Ooh, I rambled - my point was. When it's right your van will appear.

  2. You really got me thinking. I had to think about what you said before I posted, I saw a few of your vans on craigslist here and I saw one I like because it didn't have the AC on top. Really affordable. May decide to that but for now if I see something I THINK I like I will check. I may love it. Thanks


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