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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Paying my taxes!

Yeah I'm excited about paying taxes. LOL Now before you call paddy wagon and send me off to you know where ,let me explain. I've been working off the books for so long now. Its just a job I landed about 15 years ago that doesn't really hire you. You become self employed through them. Before I worked with this company I did work on the books.  Now that I'm older and wiser(?) I want to be able to retire comfortable. So hopefully now I will with SS. I just hope its around when I get there.  I have 7 more credits to go,it would in my opinion not to at least try. You need to have at least 40 credits to collect SS. I have 33.
I talked to my CPA man and we are good to go. He gave me the price I would have to pay and its doable, very doable. Right now I'm paying a bill that will end in about 4 months time. That money will pay it. So I'll put it away like I'm still paying the bill. I'm 53 I can't neglect that I'm older and will need what ever help I can get financial.

Now I know a lot folks who are working off the books. They think they will work forever. I ask you this , lets say you work as a taxi driver and I know you guys work off the books. When you are 65 and your vision is blurred so you go to your doctor. What if he says you can't drive any more because you are a danger to yourself and others? So you have now have no funds what ever to speak of . Nothing to help you by. Just a thought.

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