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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A day in a life.......

OK partial day anyways. Its been dull here so hence I haven't really posted. I mean do you wanna here about my exciting trip to work. Yeah I thought so.
 So today I got a half day off from work. It seems they over hired....for the day. We have 6 workers were I'm at and one will be out for 3 months. Our supervisor forgot that this person is off on Wednesday so we had one too many.
I volunteered to go. Good sport I am huh? Well its not for pleasure anyway because my supervisor knew I needed to go the Social Security office. You see in order for you to retire and collect what ever SS will have left for you, you need at least 40 credits. I have 33. So I need to get those 7 more. Right now I'm off the books but I can claim some of what I make to get there. The accountant I'm working with wants to see my earnings for those years. So I got my numbers and they aren't to impressive, but thats another story. I can not believe my good fortune today to walk in to the SS office and find ONE single person in there LOL OM freaking G. How often to get that? Huh not often. So I was out in 5 minutes flat. WOOOOOOOOO.
 Went out for lunch and had a burger and some fries, salad too. I don't eat much red meat except for a burger once or twice a month. No bread as I can't eat wheat. then I went shopping.
 Now I'm not much of a shopper really. I'm very frugal...but I'm a lady and I love to window shop. I don't know too many men that like to window shop but I have plenty of girl friends that do. So I went to Marshall's and didn't buy a freaking thing until I went ALLLL the way in the back and saw this . Always have the van things in the back of my mind. In fact when ever I shop now I'm always looking for something for the van.
I'm putting my winter coat in it now. Spring is in the air and we are having  a beautiful day in the 60's.
Next I went to Dollar tree and bought my necessaries for the week.
Took the bus home and I'm here writing. Not very exciting I know I hope you weren't too bored.
 Hey wake UP !! LOL Have a great day!!


  1. I read your blog today, oh boy ...

    I love window shopping, and even regular shopping. It's the crowds that I can't stand! I know, I'm different from all the other guys :-)

  2. I like you Steve, we must go shopping one day.


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