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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

100% wheat free so why the heck am I so sad?

It hurts you know when you are are so trying to better yourself and people throw in your face. I'm 52 years of age...an adult, that should know better. Yet I ended up giving 2 teenage girls in a car the you know what finger. Really so mature of me. I can't be mature all the time and I really don't want to either because I'd like to slap those 2. Why is it so easy for people to judge? I have a food disorder. I also found out Im wheat intolerance. Been doing so good too. My cravings are down so much its unbelievable. Ive been heavy my whole adult life and could never really figure out why. Its not about will power, I have plenty of that. Let me tell you I quit smoking,cold turkey and I got myself off prescription meds for a nervous disorder. Let me go back to about those girls that I would love to slap. A food disorder isn't fun because # 1 its not excepted by society # 2 people I assume think oh lazy fat person who eats to much. Thats putting the horse before the cart. Oh its fun to laugh at the fat person because I feel so insecure. Not right no matter how you look at it.
I had a customer one time who was crying about gaining weight and people would laugh at her ...make horrid jokes about it too. This woman had cancer.

One of the side effects of taking meds is gaining weight. Take a look at Jerry Lewis when he was taking meds for his cancer.

 Thats terrible somebody would be laughing at somebody like that. I know I shouldn't be so sensitive and ignore them but I hurt ..I'm only human.
 On another note I found this great site about being wheat free from another blogger. This site is incredible. Dr. Davis has been there himself. Take a look if you think at all you may have a wheat problem. Even if you don't you may be amazed what they have done to wheat. I'm ranting here ...so thank you kindly for "listening"


  1. I hear ya... You are quite right.
    Our society has way too many choices and options nowadays when it comes to food... (not that I wouldn't know!) But along with that dizzying variety comes combinations of foods that aren't good for us. yet, instead of avoiding them, a lot of people take meds so they can keep eating what is not good for them!
    If there is something that doesn't agree with me, I avoid it. Well, hope you feel better now...


  2. Hey Rod yes I do feel a little better. Thanks. Yes I to believe there are to many ways to lose weight. People should listen to their bodies and do what feels right. Sometimes they can't feel it.... you know. Drug companies and doctors are happy about that though. :(

  3. So... the two girls laughed at you that's why you got mad at them? I wasn't able to understand fully what ticked you off... Were they making some rude commentary? If it brings back bad memories, it's ok if you don't want to get into it again...
    Hope you're doing well now.

  4. Oh yeah they were rude all right. I didn't want to go into details but yeah staring, pointing and laughing their little heads off is rude. Some other things too. You get the point. Yeah some bad memories alright.


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