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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Computer is down!!!

I try to post a blog at least once a week. But my computer is ill after only 4 months! If you have Dell I have to tell you ,you are in great hands. They have such good customer service. I do not have to pay a penny and they figured what the problem was on the telephone. Ok bad part be prepared to hold the phone to your ear for at least 2 hours at a time. Yeah ...thank god for speaker phones! Its nice to see I now have 24 followers. Thank you for joining my bumpy ride here. Hopefully I will have my laptop back in about 10 days and not have to hang at the library. Don't get me wrong I do love the library ,just like to kick back on the couch better with the laptop. On the van side side I am getting closer to getting one. I figure by next month I will be on the hunt for my new home. Im already starting the bed frame for it. Since it will fit in any van I can go ahead and draw it out and starting drilling and sawing away. Its going to be a reverse futon that will be about 47" x 66 inches. I can't wait to get started on it and I will be taking pictures along the way. So thats it for now...have a GREAT week everyone!


  1. Good luck with the computer. After a while, it's like that laptop becomes your child ;)

  2. Welcome to my world! I'm glad your laptop's future is brighter than mine. funny how we get so attached to the things. It's like an umbilical chord!

    Looking forward to seeing your build and hearing about your shopping experience. We'll be standing by for vents, rants and raves.

  3. I've been there, (van search) you will know when you find it, make sure yoooo don't mix up excitement with "the feeling" that this is the van. Be thorough, and ask for maintenance papers etc. good luck.

  4. Nomad Yes like my rebel child I guess. LOL Sigh I do miss it though. Cyndi! You having trouble with yours too? I hope its fixable at least. After last month loss of about 600 bucks I'm so ready to start saving for that van. I recouped what I lost already so it won't be long now. I'm ready for the rants vents.....etc and more. Mutoart that's one thing I will be sure to check....maintenance papers. Also the carfax and will try to have it checked by my macanic before I buy. Thanks

  5. As I've been reading ur blog I realized that ur excitement is the same as mine,, all the research about van dwelling, what van I want, where I wanna go, solar etc etc!, lol
    Found myself laughing at u,, at me,, at doing the same things ur doing,, my adventure has been slow getting to as my ssdi doesnt pay much and hard to save for van when paying rent and utilities, phone, sat tv, wifi etc! But im gaining on it after 2yrs,, even started a blog thinking I was gonna do as u ar but with health issues,2month hosp stay and 4 months recovery the depression comes an goes, makes it harder than it needs to be and thats the reason I stopped writting the blog and didnt feel like anybody cared to read it even though I told myself it was just for me
    Anyway like ur style and gotta go finish the rest of it
    Mines on blogger,, the bucket trip !!!,, been awhile but reading yours has got me thinking bout picking it back up again and it looks like I might be outta here by winter if I can get the rest of my solar done b4 then,, keep it going M, im glad 4 ya!


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