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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Its all about the cents

I know a lot of van dwellers think about how to use their monies wisely. Today was my day where I got to sit down and see where the my money would go for the month to month living. How much I would save and where I would need to put more than usual. I have to say I was surprised cause some things would stay the same. Some items would replace and some I wouldn't need at all.
Here is my list:(a short list)
Credit(short term)
Travel (I have no car)
I have no utilities to pay. My land people pay that.
Total is 1170.00
Now this for the van (hopefully)
Rent (Insurance and gas)
Cell(I won't have internet because I'll use free WiFi)
Credit (NONE!!!)
Travel (will use this now for van care)
Mail and Gym(for showers yep gyms are cheap here)
Total is now 440.00
Now I know the gas part is low but you have to remember I ain't going anywhere yet. This includes propane for cooking and heat. I won't be using much as my job has a cooking area. I also will be using my bike where I am. This is just the basics I didn't add food or entertainment etc. That pretty much will stay the same. Big difference :) There will be times I'll use more gas of course. My van insurance will be really cheap as I have no accidents or tickets and being female helps LOL My credit is short term as I'm going with a non profit agency and in 6 months time will be all clear. Important thing is van care for emergencies and basic care. Mail and gym was added and still it is much less. things may change so I kept it simple. Of course this does not include the 1st month of getting the van and setting it up. There will be things I need to buy like a 20 degree sleeping bag...etc. So thats it in a nut shell. Let me know your thoughts on this.

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