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Benjamin Franklin

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Work is slow and being tired alot

Being paid for sleeping ain't too bad. Thats how slow it can get around here. Some guys are snoring near me. LOL I think being tired is from being bored. Same thing. I took a walk today. Not long but long enough to know 2 things. 1. I'm out of shape. 2. I love the fresh air. I should have taken pictures. The pigeons that followed me. The squirrel that didn't know I was RIGHT next to him/her eating lunch.

I did do some crocheting later before my arm gave out and that was a good thing too. I ended up throwing it out. Why? Because I hated the yarn I bought. I knew it would happen but for some reason I bought it again. Im sick really LOL. Why would I waste money like that? I'm waiting for more yarn to come by mail. Yarn I really know I like.

This month I'm going to be able to put at least 700. bucks toward a van. Im hoping in at least 2 months ...3 tops to get enough money to buy that van. If I have 2000 bucks I will start looking while at the same time adding to my money fund. If I have this right I will be putting at least 500 away when I move into the van and thats monthly. Wait there's more. I pay 200 bucks a month now toward a non profit credit counseling service. In 6 months or about I will be clear!! So thats 700 bucks a month! Not bad.

So lets say good night? Nighty night all...sweet dreams.

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