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Benjamin Franklin

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nothing going on here

Not a thing. Just the same bore day after day. Its why I haven't really wrote anything. When something comes up you Will be noticed! 
Its freezing out here in NY so even taking a walk is out of the question. Its 21 degrees but feels 8. Wonderful. No I'm not having a pity party. We are going to call a cab and go into the heart of the mall here. Its small but its colorful warm and the food smells good. I really don't shop much. I save it for days like these.

On another note Im getting closer to van buying. I've
saved about 800 bucks so far. Not bad for 1 month. I might even get Frankie. He is still available. Hasn't been asked for yet. That would be cool. Remember Frankie?

Well have a good day everyone. Until next time.......


  1. I rarely do malls but Dayton has a wonderful little market in an old warehouse train station filled with local wares and street musicians. I went to it Sat to get out of the terrible weather here.
    Can't wait for warm weather.

  2. Dragonfly your mall sounds better than mine. Sounds quaint.


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