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Benjamin Franklin

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Doing it the right way

If you remember I had a van in mind. Frankie the big green clean machine(I love saying that!)I'm still up in arms about him but after I had my last talk with another van person I come to this Frankie is not for me. One is he is to much work. I am able to do a lot of things but this means I have to ask for outside help which means big bucks!! There is a noise coming from the engine which the owner says it is coming from the the AC. Ok but why does it make noise when its off? His mechanic says its not a big deal and it doesn't render Frankie non drive-able. It DOES make a loud noise though with the engine running and that my friend takes away stealth.
Now getting back to my van friend he thinks because if I don't want to do this I'm not spending a lot of money. Who says anything about not doing this? I'm doing it, not a choice...its just making it livable. So I think my best bet is way for something just a tad better. Something newer something whiter and something more fixable. Something that I WANT to live in.

And thats all folks for now. Sleep tight!!


  1. Don't worry. The right rolling home for you will reveal itself soon.

    Bob (aka stude53)

  2. I know thats so true I will know when its mine. If I feel (like Frankie)that feeling of dread then its not for me. I'll wait till the gut feeling says HOME. Thanks

  3. The day is coming when you find the right van. Sometimes its takes a little more time to get what you really want. I agree settling for anything else than what you want doesn't help.


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