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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What will I sleep on? or do I have to build it?

I decided to start all over with this post as I realize I wasn't being to realistic about putting a futon in the van. So now the wise and all powerful Tippy LOL has decided to build a bed. Yep me ...who can't build anything. How do I do that you say? By having our wonderful hardware store cut everything for me and to Have instructions in front of me. I need to know where A is to be screwed with B or I get confused very easy.
This site is wonderful I get so may ideas to build something. With this I can build it shorter for the van. I'm going to build it wider than a twin but not a full. Have the legs higher so I store more stuff in there .....neatly.


  1. If you haven't gotten youre bed built yet, I would suggest buying a cheap caulk gun and using a tube of polyurethane glue in addition to screws for your build. I've built several bunk and bed platforms, and without the glue vibration will eventually be an issue, good luck...

  2. Hey thanks Wanderer. I will do that. Good tip.


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