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Benjamin Franklin

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

While I'm waiting......

It's about 2 am and I can't sleep so here's a little dabble at writing.
My main purpose was to just get out and move(van dwell) and do something(travel). I'm so tired of listening to people who do the same thing over and over again and need lots of money to do it. Move into this apt. and and get a better job....kind of thinking. OK so maybe the better job thing is not as intense because of the economy but they still think it anyway. I hear people saving for a car too. I always want to ask "Are you going to live in it?" They look at me like I'm crazy so I don't branch on it. Mainly cause I don't want to let know my secret. Sometimes I will let them know I'm going to van dwell and believe I get get good responds. They always ask me when I see them again " Are you rolling yet?" They are interested!!! They want to know details. I give it to them. They want to help,give suggestions. Real cute.
I've got so many ideas for this van but want to keep it simple. A bed ...place for storage....poop deck......food deck and then that's it. A little bit here and there. Electric,for heating and cooling ...propane cooking. Maybe some solar power along the way. Same as most van dwellers think about but after that nothings the same. We each have our own stories after that. We travel the road different(pun intended). Can't wait till I go my road. Maybe I'll see you there.
Have a pleasant night.

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