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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Labeling stuff and etc. how exciting.

 Today is my 1st new day off. I work 62 hours and slowly Ive been burning out. Its like the train roaring down the tracks. First you hear the slight sounds of a rumble somewhere far away. You see lights but not sure if they belong to a car or train yet. Then the lights are brighter as the train rambles down, the ground may also tremble a bit if they are elevated tracks. Then of course the train is upon you with full lights and if its not stopping you hear the loud roar of its horn. Well that explains how my job life has been going . So I asked for 4 days instead of 5. Mine you of course Im still working almost 48 to 50 hrs. LOL. So since I can't really do anything to my new life until I get the van I certainly can do stuff that will be put in the van. So today I rode my bike to town to the wonderful Dollar Tree to get containers and start labeling stuff.

I even put smaller ones with the chargers for batteries that are charged and not. My concern is the place being smaller(and thats not by much!)than my apt that I won't be able to find things. Im not going crazy with this just being practicable. I noticed something also living in a bigger place you buy double because you lose things and also you forget the things you don't really need and it just sits there taking up room. I threw out 2 bags of stuff that I had no need for and Im sure nobody else does either.

On the fun side its raining here ...lightly. I rode my bike taking my time heck its my 1st new day of freedom. I rode to the library and got some DVDs to rent. I had lunch at home. Small cheese pizza which I picked up at
the Dollar tree and watched a movie. Took a nap and then did the labeling stuff. I still have the evening. Loving my 1st day off.


  1. I am simply amazed at how some people can organize. I am absolutely clueless.
    Dragonfly http://littlesanitee.blogspot.com

  2. Yeah and I get another one this week. Im so lazy!!!
    Its the extra day I believe thats getting me to do those little things. Im sure if I only had 2 days off that labeling wouldn't even enter my mind.


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