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Benjamin Franklin

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

2 more days to Disney World!

Ha I feel like a kid. I wonder if I will get Mickey ears? I know I want to get a sweatshirt an official D.W. one. Im not into nick nacks. Besides theres no room in the future van living is there. I have to admit though if I knew about about van dwelling I would have not gone to DW. Thats how much Im looking forward to van dwelling. Excited nervous and few other things Im sure. There is a lady whos husband is selling his van. its older maybe a 95 or 96 but he has kept up with repairs. A new tranny was added and its clean. A few rust spots but it can be cleaned and painted over. There asking 900.00 and I can get it down because Im a friend of the lady. We will see.
I want to say hello to my new followers. Blkjak who right now is very busy so his blog is not updated. Very busy  man who is retired and getting ready to dwell.  The Wanderer I dont see a blog listing nor do I see any information else where but thank you for following!!!
So until I get back from DW have a wonderful week everybody!


  1. Have fun at Disney World. Wish I could ride some roller coasters with you.

  2. Have fun! I haven't been to that one. Been to the one in California a lot in the past...


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