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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Going to Disney World part 3 GOT A SITTER!!

So there is another forum that I go to. Its a meet up forum. In case anybody might be slightly interested here is the site.http://www.meetup.com/ Its basically a place where what ever interest you have you can meet up in a group together some where. In the rat meet up I put that I was looking for a sitter and heck 1 hour later I got one HEHEHE thrilled to death. I need to make the cage smaller so it fits in her car. Yup you heard right shes picking them up! Cool. Since I don't have a car. My cage is 5 ft tall  http://qualityratcages.com/products-page/legacy-cages/the-ruud-cage/ so it I can take the top part off and make it 3 ft tall and that's perfect to fit in the car. Its light so carrying it won't be any problems. My friend never called back. I'm thinking he feels bad so he doesn't want to talk about it now. I'll leave a message that I got another sitter so he doesn't have to feel guilty. Now when its my turn I'll have to do the same thing. Hard really getting a sitter for rats unless you know where to look. My rats vet who is wonderful doesn't board either. so I can relax now that my furry boys are taking care of. Whoops I forgot, Pinky is not furry LOL. Hairless and bald naked but adorable.


  1. Whoopie! Going To Disney World!!!

    Glad you found a trusted sitter. I have been to Disney World, Universal Studios, and Disney Land. Just a big kid who never grew up.

    Have tons of fun!!

    Bob (aka stude53)

  2. Thanks Bob. I never been to Disney World so yes I will be the big kid there with mickey ears....maybe.

  3. Thanks Cyndi. :) One less thing to worry about


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