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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Going to Disney world part 2

So does anyone know a good rat sitter? I'll be darned that the guy who was going to come to my apt. to take care of them is not working at our job anymore. He works in 1 town and I in another. So he calls me today to tell me and of course I was not near my phone. Just GREAT!!! He doesn't tell me he can't do it ...in fact he didn't mentioned it at all. So I tried to call him back and that got me no where. If I do get him I hope he can still do it. See his car broke down and he doesn't have the money to fix it but I can get my boys there to his place. So I'll see. BUT I'm not holding my breath and looking else where. Finding a rat sitter is like trying to find a kid sitter for some really bad kids,they both have bad images.


  1. Gee - difficulty finding a sitter. I'd think rats would be easier to care for than children. More hygienic, as well.

    - seraphim

  2. LOL oh they are easier(rats) to care for,its the image that kills it. Pet rats are NO where like the wild ones but I'm afraid thats what other people DO think.

  3. POst a help wanted ad for someone to babysit a pair of minature 'possums. ;>)

    Bob (aka stude53)


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