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Benjamin Franklin

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Monday, December 17, 2012

So many lost dreams.....and a bucket list

Some where in heaven a beautiful bunch of angels arrived a few days ago. Blondes and dark hair haired cute little munchkins. They are suppose to be there I hear but somewhere far down below some families are mourning them. And each one of them never got to fulfill their dreams. Never to kiss on a first date. Never to have kids. Never to dream about being the president or the next lady gaga. And we live on. I have no family to speak of but this hurt me so bad as well as millions of others. It hurts because we just feel. We are humans and we feel compassion for others. So in our hurts we love our kids more our pets more our friends more. And we make a bucket list because we realize we have such SHORT lives here.

Stupid little things get in my way...like fear. LOL OK maybe not so little. One of the things on my bucket list is to visit the animal charities I love and I have lots so will not visit all but one is in Tennessee and I really would love to see them. Arizona to see the slabs and join the other van dwellers. Just a couple of things. My list is a little longer. Like putting a stone on my mom's and dad's grave spots. We were always very  poor and they landed in potters field. Sad ...with no stone.
I am looking now as my monies for the van has increased. YAH!!!! Working 6 days a week to get to this point ...not SO Yah!  Life is OK right now. I have no complaints...OK I lied maybe a few but heck we all have that don't we. *wink*

Thanks for stopping by..Ya all have a wonderful week!! *Big Smile here*


  1. I had the same thoughts about those poor kids. Never to grow up, fall in love, marry and maybe have their own kids. So sad. Deprived of that chance by someone truly selfish.

    We are so lucky and blessed to have lived this long... to be able to say we lived our lives, enjoyed good food, made many friends and had a few adventures. Even in my clogged nose state, I am happy to be feeling the clogged nose.

  2. LOL your poor clogged nose! Yes its Christmas now and they won't be near family. Or maybe they will?


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