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Monday, December 10, 2012

Saving and a doggie goes to the rainbow bridge

My job asked me to work another day each week. That means 6 days a week.  We get paid a little different than most and that is daily instead of each week or every 2 weeks. So I said yes but also I told my manager this can not be permanent. At one point 6 days a week is going to run me down. The only reason I agreed to this was....yes to get my van sooner. All money I make on that day goes STRAIGHT to the van. Win win for me!!

 On a sad note....

My landlady is the nicest person....out of all the rentals I have had she is the only one I can call a friend. So with heart breaking news she told all of us on FB that her dear sweet doggie Princess has past away. I cried all morning. Walking to the train station is a time for reflection for me. I love it. I talk to god and I am thankful for that morning and life is good. But that morning I cried all the way. Princess was always out on the stoop when I came home from work. I always said hello and got a nuzzle in,she like when I kissed her nose LOL. I already feel the emptiness when I got home home yesterday and yes again got all teary. RIP little doggie....and mama loves you and hope you will be waiting for her.


  1. It is so heartbreaking when we lose one of our beloved pets. They bring so much joy and love into our lives and want so little from us. Hugs to your landlady at this sad time.

  2. Thanks. She is a remarkable lady. This is a very hard time for her. Her husband is in the hospital...he is doing better thank god. But all this around the holidays can be trying. Thank god she has a large family(her niece and sister spend 2 nights with her already)and lots of friends.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about Princess passing on, and hope your landlady makes it through it ok.

  4. Thanks Steve. Shes build like an ox on the inside. I am sure she'll make it through :)


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