A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind,as well as the body.

Benjamin Franklin

It’s YOUR life. When will you choose to truly live it?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Something a little different this time

I have a food problem. I am obese and I am slowly working my way not to be. I found out I have digestive issues. IBS reflux and behavior issues when I eat grains. So occasionally I will be writing about this. Why? I feel somebody else out there hopefully younger then I will see this and realize they need help too. Its painful to have. This month I am detoxing but not in the way you may think. Its detoxing of myself. My spiritual and my emotional self. I wrote this on the program I am following now. I made a commitment  to write everyday there.

Today I started off with a headache. Bad one. It is raining here ,pouring at times which at the moment brings me down. I did not eat breakfast until 10:30 am as I needed to get to the P.O. as soon as I could and can I tell you the line went all the way to the front doors? I tried hard today but my food slipped a bit . Yet I did not beat myself up for it. It wasn't a major set back. I am on course again. Why did I? Because its the still the comfort foods. Mama made sure I had them.LOL Always back to Mama...do we ever let go? I don't think so . We need her to survive and I SO needed her to survive when I wasn't living with her. Mama came on the weekends and always it was about food. Mama and food. And I was afraid to let her go. Don't say no to food because that would hurt Mama. Why am I sharing this with you? This is painful and if I can help someone well here it is. Its painful but life goes on. I am not depress today. I feel good because I have been writing more and really saying it like it is. Express what from the heart is good for the soul...and maybe for the belt line too?
Thats my journal for today. Thank you god. I am not a religious person but spiritual.


  1. Good luck on this path, it's not an easy one I know! I'm diabetic and constantly battle eating right and avoiding the stuff that does me harm.

    Why does the stuff that does you harm alwasy taste so darn good??

    Good luck!


  2. There are many of us out here fighting that weight and eating battle. My problem is nothing bothers me so giving something up (like wheat) is extra hard. But we are here to give you encouragement and help you in any way we can.

  3. AAww thanks you two! Its funny I am really not having too much trouble putting the wheat down. I guess its what I eat otherwise? Its the emotional part that driving me insane. Hence why Im doing the 30 day detox of the mind. If I don't report back before the 30 days are up you'll know that Ive gone crazy. LOL


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