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Sunday, September 9, 2012

So hard to find a van

So the van that I liked never took off the ground. The guy never called back. I am looking on craigslist and searching as I go along. Checked some newspapers. Nothing!!! Gee like a needle in a hay stack. Good news is that I can save some more until I find it. I have a few friends who point out something they see. I appreciate it really do friends!! This morning my pal Rory saw a 4by4 ford van in Point Lookout NY. Great but it turns out its a camper van. A Falcon. I really can't use a van like that now. For 2 years I will be in stealth mode and that kind of camper is not going to fit in a neighborhood like mine. Where am I going to empty my water tanks and the poo tanks? There's no RV park here to do that. The only one that is close by is seasonal...point is it won't work. But Rory I love you big fella!!!!!
So yes I am ranting but I have to say I love all the money I am saving for it!!!

Thanks for looking!


  1. You just need to keep looking because it will be there when you least expect to find it.

  2. You'll find one. Are you looking for mini or full sized? Does your area have a greensheet? I've seen lots of vehicles in there that I can't find elsewhere.

  3. Full sized. Never heard of green sheet will have to Google that for sure!

  4. Michelle, l am living in Toronto and live in a Falcon fulltime. I don't think l stick out too much. Maybe you should rething the Falcon. :-)

  5. Its more that I wouldnt be able to use whats in the van. To me its wasted space if I cant use it. I like to know how you dump the water tanks and all?


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