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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

*Sigh* so another month will come and go

I was so looking forward to next months big adventure. To crawl into the small space that would be mine. No rent to be paying and pocketing the loose change. I can hear it now shifting against the roughness of my jeans. Not to fear I am still going forward but a change of time. Alas the van of my future dreams is a little higher then what I expected. So we need the extra month. So I am taking this month to go to the under world of ...lumber and insulation. Hanging out at Lowes and Home Depot will be my new fun!!
I will learn what I need and don't need. What tools I can rent or which ones I should buy. The pink or blue styrofoam? Have to learn that too. More packing (or not?)Have to decide which storage room place I want to rent..so will be hitting those too. A workable month!!
Now I want to share something that I saw while driving for my company today. I have never seen anything like this before. Wish I caught a picture of this. There was a fella in one of those 18 wheeler trucks on the right of me. A young lady in a small car in front of me. I saw the fella trying not to lose which I thought was a piece of cardboard. You know maybe it was on the seat next to him and the wind blew it coming out the window. So I was quite surprise when I saw ......."I think your pretty" written on the cardboard. LOL Never ever saw that before. Is that something new? I didn't know if it was funny or what. I was thinking later maybe he has more signs? Not so pretty ones too? Just thought it was strange in a creepy way. Ugh!

Im home now resting after a dinner of avocado and lemon. Was to tired to really cook so I had something simple.

Thank you for taking a peek

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