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Monday, August 20, 2012

My day off

(This was actually written last week on my day off....today is all rain)
I woke up this morning and found the sun has sneaked in. It was hot but not so hot to turn The AC on. The fans were blowing ,it was a such a pleasant breeze. I savored it knowing in a few hours the hot air would move in and my skin would stick to the sheet I was laying on. Luke my little pal would come out when it gets that hot. Being stuck in the cage makes a pet get cranky if its not cool.

I had a most interesting and different breakfast. Salad. Now most of my life I have had eggs, toast ,cereal and yes I have had cold pizza for breakfast. Not once did I have a salad. I am not hung up I can change and change I wanted because everyone else has it why do I have to conform? It was delicious. Dark green romaine lettuce still crisp the day I bought it,bright red little cherry tomatoes with some sea salt ,avocado,sunflower seeds and mushrooms all chopped in a large bowl drizzled with virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar. Tasty and so light. Going to have to make more of those on summer mornings.

Later on was wash time time for the clothes. I decided to hand wash today. Got out my 10 gallon bucket and put detergent in warm water and used the plunger for washing. It makes a spin like a electric one. Rinsed my clothes a few times plunged again. Many years ago this is the way they did it. They did use the wash board too but they had a special plunger that they used and they still sell them.
Plastic Rapid Washer
Metal Rapid Washer
Although most of them are plastic now ,they used to all be made of metal. I don't really do it to be green its just sometimes I am lazy and don't want to head out doors even though its beautiful out. I'd be hard pressed to get the shopping cart out and load 20 pds of laundry and make my way 1.5 miles to the laundromat. Through traffic which never seems to know that yes, you can make a turn on red but can ya at least wait till I get across? Nope that would kind of ruin my day off. You know what I mean? So I get what I need washed without all the hassle. Win win kind of thing.
On a word about my van hunting or should I say home hunting? I am so glad I waited because now I see I would have picked the wrong one. After more reading and I have done tons I realize I really need a white one. I am not a hot and sweaty person I hate the summer really I complain all the time about it. The winter I love but then I never have to shovel any snow either. I wonder if I'd change my mind if I had to? But I love to snuggle under a blanket on a cold day and stare out the window watching flakes come down slowly. I often look up when its snowing and get a little dizzy but I love it. So white it is because of heat reflection. 4 more weeks. Can't wait.

Thanks for looking! 

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