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Benjamin Franklin

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Is this the Van?

Where I work I past a black beauty of a van. A for sale sign hangs in the rear window. I really like the size and all. I keep looking for her. Yes she is a female. Its beautiful and I bet she is inside too. Sometimes I see a young woman drive it but most times its sitting near the house. After my vacation in November if its still there I will go check it out. I think it may be out of my price range but we will see. This is the style van except it is midnight black. Hope to see it in November. A Christmas present to my self I hope. 

Yeah I removed the photo. Why? Because they took the for sale sign off. I don't know if they sold it or decided they didn't want to sell it. Either way it wasn't to be ...so what? Have you seen craigslist? OMG I have so may choices.


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